History of our institute

Ludwig Müller-Uri (1811–1888) made a breakthrough; he found out how to use cryolite glass to make artificial eyes [1]. These new eye prostheses were now corrosion-resistant and lightweight [2]. Countless honours were bestowed upon him including the Centennial Commission Award at the World Fair in Philadelphia in 1876.
His in 1835 in Leipzig established company even opened a branch in Berlin before 1900. Other artificial eye institutes, which were mostly brought into being by close relatives or one-time employees, were also established at that time.

Around 1900 Werner, Otto and Ludwig Müller-Uri, the inventor’s grandchildren started to work regularly in Switzerland, which became impossible during World War II. As a result, Ludwig Müller-Uri established himself in Berne in 1947 and later moved to Lucerne.
His nephew, Dr. med. O. F. Martin became his successor in 1956. The institute is still run by his sons Dr.sc.nat. Otto E. and Karl L. Martin under the name Swiss Institute of Artificial Eyes .

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