Plastic Prostheses

Plastic prostheses are made of Plexiglass (PMMA). This material’s advantage is that it is resistant to breakage . However, it is difficult to clean and its surface is easily damaged. Even hardly detectable or unobtrusive scratches are able to cause irritations in the conjunctiva.

Many patients also report problems with the material as polymethylmethacrylate is not biologically inert and can lead to inflammations. Additionally, manufacturing plastic prostheses is time and cost-intensive.

Change of prostheses

After careful handling and regular cleaning, an eye prosthesis made of plastic should be changed after about four years. A replacement of the eye prosthesis at that time is called for due to medical and aesthetic reasons. Additionally, plastic prostheses need to be polished by an expert every six months.

An examination is required for every new prosthesis. We therefore advise to get an appointment and personally visit our institute during our surgery hours.

Please avoid wearing a prosthesis which is too old or one that is even damaged: This could seriously damage your eye socket.